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Get Bouncing with Vuly Play
Jumping on a trampoline is not only lots of fun, but it can also be really good for you. Studies have been done by everyone from NASA to university professors and PhD candidates, all looking to qualify the information that we already know: trampolining is awesome!
Here are just some of the ways that bouncing on a trampoline can be great for kids, above and beyond just the fitness element.
1.    It’s great for self-esteem
When kids are jumping up and down on a trampoline, there’s a sense of freedom and authority that comes from that feeling. Self-esteem has been shown to be associated with learning new tasks and exercising, and a huge part of what makes trampolining fun is learning a new trick or bouncing just that little bit higher than before. So it makes sense that when you’re bouncing on a trampoline, your self-esteem will grow as your fitness does.
2.    Improves flexibility
Another great benefit to jumping up and down on a trampoline is the improvement that kids see in their flexibility. You’re actively using your legs and bending and flexing your knees when you bounce on a trampoline, and this translates to your everyday life as greater flexibility in stretching and bending.
3.    Greater motor skills
When jumping on a trampoline, your brain is working bilaterally as you jump up and down. Both sides of the body have to work together to stay balanced and upright as the bouncing happens. This is a huge bonus for motor skills and a fun way to get a workout as well.
4.    It’s exercise in disguise
Many kids today are glued to a device or hooked on a video game, and when you get them outside, they aren’t stimulated by the activities on offer. But when you have a trampoline to bounce on, it’s a ready-made fun way to get kids exercising – simply because it’s just so much fun! And with the addition of something like a basketball hoop or some great games to play, you will see kids out on the trampoline for hours, playing and laughing.
Now, while there are many, many benefits to bouncing on a trampoline, it’s important that you don’t overlook the safety aspect. Make sure that your kids are always safe when they are bouncing with a Vuly Play trampoline, designed with innovative, patented technology to ensure that trampolining is just as safe as it is exciting – for the whole family.