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Welcome to Southern Support School

Southern Support School is an extraordinary school. It is extraordinary because of the extraordinary outcomes students are able to achieve here. Supported by our dedicated and professional staff, our students develop their skills, and undertake significant learning.

As part of their learning our students work towards their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and curriculum goals linked to the Australian Curriculum. At Southern Support School, we maintain a strong focus on our core business – teaching and learning.

We work together with our students, providing supports to enable the best possible access to the curriculum. We work with parents and carers, and with therapists and professionals, at all times maintaining a clear focus on student learning and outcomes.

As part of their learning, our students also access a range of programs at Southern Support School. Programs which offer a great breadth of learning and experiences. Our students thrive in the Kitchen Garden Program, expanding their skills in planting, harvesting, cooking and sharing meals. They flourish in the Pool Program, taking part in water safety and learn to swim lessons, hydrotherapy and time in the spa. They develop fine and gross motor skills in Physical Education classes, working with specially adapted programs and equipment. They enjoy the purpose built and landscaped playgrounds full of accessible equipment. They benefit from specifically-developed sensory and self-regulation programs, allowing them to best access and engage with their curriculum learning. These and many more programs allow our students to achieve so much, so many extraordinary things.


Our school values of Aspiration, Respect, Courage, and Growth are lived daily throughout the school. Our school motto is “Achieving Together”. Our school commitment of “Together we educate and empower learners in environments conducive to learning” informs everything we do.

It is why we exist, to educate and empower our learners. To achieve together.

Simon Ellaby